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History of Chata Zverovka

History of Chata Zverovka is documented from the begging of last century.
Here you can see how has the lodge changed in time.

Shack in the Látaná valley

Image is from 1924

In the place where Látaná valley begins, close to Zverovka meadows, woodsman cabin log was rented by KČST (Club of czechoslovakian tourists), department from Dolný Kubín, from Compossessorate of Orava. Thanks to members of KČST, priest Jozef Maťašák (1884 - 1926) from Sedliacka Dubová and teachers Ján Kilba and Štefan Magúth from Biely Potok, was this log rebuilt into touristic shack. There was no permanent manager of this shack at this time. Shack was delivered from builder to use on July 23rd 1923. There were two rooms in the lobby and a loft under the roof together for 36 tourists who slept on the beds made from hay.

This shack burned to ashes during stay of tourists from Prague on August 18th 1926. The fire started because of overheated chimney. Managers of the shack were Dr. Pláňanský and student Josef Dostál. 

Challet of Maťašák on Zverovka meadows

On meadows of Zverovka, close to junction of Látaná and Roháčská valleys, in the altitude of approximatelly 1010 m , department of Dolný Kubín of KČST built touristic challet which was named after pioneer of tourism in Roháče Jozef Maťašák. Initiator of construction was county judge and head of touristic departmen Ján Kofroň.

Construction was finished during August 1928, and it was definitely the birth of challet on the Zverovka meadows.

Image is from 1940

The help from local millitary forces was found as very useful during construction of challet. Challet was built during only six weeks as a part of programm of millitary manouvers of 1st and 2nd mountainer battalions from Dolný Kubín. The leaders of construction was builder V. Kolín and millitary captain Kopečný.

The costruktion this challet cost 45 thousand of krowns.

Image is from  1934

There were bedroom for men, entry hall, kitchen and dining room situated in the lobby of challet of Maťašák. On the upper floor there were bedroom for women, room for personell and luxury furnished guest room with two beds for VIP visitors.

There was veranda on the front side of the challet with perfect view on the panorama of Roháče.

From 1929 during summer vacation there were students from Příbram managing challet. Head manager was student of forest engineering Pravdomil Svoboda (1908 - 1978). Beyond summer was challet managed by forester Bukna from nearby forest station.

Between 1930 - 1934 high school proffesor Otto Havelka from Brno was managing this challet during summer time. During his stay in the challet he wrote many interesting articles and touristic guides of Roháče.

From christmas time 1933 till summer 1935 during winter seasons brothers Mojmír and Vítězslav Šlampa from Brno were managing challet.

Image is from cca 1940

Fisrt permanent challet manager was Štefan Šróba, son of woodsman from Zuberec, who came in August 1935. He spent all his life in Roháče and worked as a manager of Zverovka untill 1965. Number of visitors risen significantly during his stay. Extra space as extension was built to challet which add new kitchen. New layout of challet risen capacity to 40 beds. 

Challet Zverovka during 2tj World War

Image is from 1945

Challet of Maťašák was destroyed during the fights between local guerilla fighters and nazis on December 8th 1944. Challet was burned to ashes and picture shows what remained. On the picture there are members of Club of slovak tourists and skiiers from Dolný Kubín watching remains of challet.

Next day after the first Challet near the Ťatliaks lake was burned to ashes as well.

Image is from 1945

There are members of Club of slovak tourists and skiiers from Dolný Kubín looking at remains of burned challed while planning future construction of new Challet Zverovka on this picture.

Design of new Chata Zverovka

Immediatelly after war ends project of new challet on Zverovka meadows was born. This image shows perspective of how new challet should be looking like.

Construction of new challet begun in 1946. Construction works were stopped due to lack of financial sources on June 5th 1946 after revision made by department of industry and bussines and were not put into 1. stage of reconstruction of challets destroyed during war.

Construktion of new Chata Zverovka

Although construction was halted Department of Slovak tourists and skiers in Dolný Kubín decided to finish building of bases of challet. The rest of wood material was stored and part of it was left for purposes of Department of national forests.

There is shack on the picture, which helped for temporary living for challet manager and workers envolved in construction on Zverovka

Construktion site of new Chata Zverovka

There is a basement building stage of new challet on this picture. According to project, basement was built from stone and the rest of building was made by wood.

Important persons envolved on construction of challet were woodcutters from Zuberec, future manager of challet Štefan Šróba and František Matlák.

New Chata Zverovka

Although long process of building caused by construction stop by bureaus, in 1951 there was new challet open for visitors and tourists in Roháče.

Firs challet manager of new challet untill 1963 was Štefan Šróba, who worked as janitor after this year till his 65 years. After his death in December 1979, traditional march to Ťatliaks challet which is organized every year on second Christmas day, was named after him as Štefans march of Štefan Šróba.

Todays challet Zverovka is one of the oldest touristic challets in Roháče and in Orava as well. Since 1951, during 50 years of history, approximatelly 10 challet managers of different ages were doing this function.

On this picture there is challet still without added part in which is kitchen and meeting room in the present day.

More than half century is challet Zverovka offering possibility to stay also in winter season for tourist and for skiiers as well, who like to ski in ski areal of Spálená or performing trips to Látaná or Roháčská valleys.

There are peaks of main Rohče ridge covered by snow. With certainty we can say that there is no other challet in Roháče with such imposant view of Roháče peaks like Zverovka is.

Chata Zverovka with nem added part

There was new part added to Challet Zverovka on the beginning of sixties. This part added new possibilities to challet. New kitchen and meeting room for guests were built and added to building.

This image is one of first colour pictures made of Chata Zverovka.

Log cabins of Chata Zverovka

In years 1961 - 1963 together with added building mentioned above were 4 double shacks constructed. Total capacity of challet was then increased significantly. In every shack there were 5 beds, so accomodation possibilities of challet were increased by 40 beds. Shacks are located in forest, just approximatelly 150 metres from Challet Zverovka and they are used untill present. 

During the end of seventies and during beginning of eighties was Chata Zverovka owned by Interhotel in Ružomberok. In 1990 was ownership returned back to Department of slovak tourists and skiiers in Dolný Kubín.

There were many reconstructions made in Chata Zverovka during last 10 years by KST in Dolný Kubín. Whole interior was reconstructed and large investments were placed into equipment of guest rooms and restaurant. Kitchen was modernized and new restrooms and showers were built.

Exterior of challet was also aim of reconstruction process. Last large investments were new high quality roof coverage and new wooden windows.  

Shacks which are close to challet are also going to be modernized as a part of process. Plans to future are to build new modern shacks instead of old shacks. New structures will increase capacity of accomodation and comfort for guests.  

In 2003 there was next addition built to main challet which consists of new rooms on second floor. This increased total capacity of challet and touristic accommodation.

Challet Zuzka

The newest addition to Challet Zverovka is Challet Zuzka, which is just few meters from main challet. It is comfortably furnished and equiped and it is suitable to host up to 8 guests. Challet is equipped by shower and restroom.